Saturday, April 12, 2008

At around 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 I have been getting some pretty gorgeous window light. I took the opportunity to photograph my wifes tattoo which is now showcased since her new haircut.
I had to wait for the light to be just right, it kept ducking behind clouds. The light falling through the leaves of a tree outside our window created some nice dappling. People who live in glass houses shouldn't through stones, but they should take pictures. I would love to have a studio that had 360 windows that could blacked out or opened depending on the time of day. Natural light always looks so great.

Friday, April 11, 2008

On one of my recent visits to L.A. my buddy's dad gave me these old polycontrast filters for an enlarger. I wasn't sure what to do with them at first since I don't have an enlarger. I said what the hell and just stuck it front of my camera. Off camera SB-800 was used with tungsten gel to provide some correction on my dog Stella. The end result was a pretty striking image, all done in camera. It makes a beautiful black and white conversion as well. I used a #4 I believe. I was especially intrigued by the smoothing effect it had on her. I am gonna have to mess around with this a bit more. I have done other images shooting through a Red contrast filter but I like the color of the #4. I would like to see in further images if I can provide more color correction on my subject while keeping the background as is.
Part of this blog has been not only trying to take a picture everyday, which I have not been able to do, but also taking my camera everywhere I go, which I have not done either. But on this particular day I did. While on break at work I took a walk around the neighborhood and found this pretty cool looking address sign behind a chain link fence. It reminded me of Jasper John's number paintings, at least I think it was Johns. I should do more research before formulating a comparison, oh well. This pic has good color and good texture. I liked the fact that the eight represents infinity and in this image it is degraded and behind a fence. It says that even infinity isn't forever. This image reminds me that great pictures can be found everywhere. I think I will take my camera with me today.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This photo was a lot of fun to make. Seeing that the sun was just right several of us ran down to this old abandoned cabin in the High Desert. We shimmied are way in and were delighted to find the place furnished complete with coffee cup and magazines from 1996. inside light was provided by a SB-800 with a tungsten gel. Some fill was made possible by my other niece May, thanks again Mable.

This is a photo that I conceptualized with my friend Dawn Von Flue at her famliy's cabin in the High Desert. Inspired by the fake owl in the tree we talked about several contrivances but kept coming back to how funny it was to have a fake owl protecting a dead tree in a desolate area. The pitch fork and gas can were added to create a sense of mystery. Is she going to burn or bury something or has it already happened? The overall feel is sort of Jericho in hindsight, post nuclear fallout new frontiers men in designer jeans. Both Dawn and her son were great models and collaborators.
When i can't think of anything else to photograph I generally point the camera at myself. I used my SB-800 flash in repeat mode for this effect. A bit overdone but I got out what I needed to. A nice long scream after a hard day. I have seen other photographs using this technique to show motion such as Tiger Woods' swinging a golf club. I like being able to show several moments in time in one photograph. I will probably play around with this some more.
A picture of my daughter's feet inside of my wifes hands. I was trying to give the composition a spiral-floral feel. It toned nicely in black and white. Light source was directionally diffused sunlight. Some fill was provided on the right side via a white 3x5 card. I use all the best gear. The shot is a little tight on the top, I would like to see a little more of the top of my wifes hand to complete the spiral. Next time.